ID: Me, You (and everybody else) Now Available as Download

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Half a year after my bachelor’s thesis game was presented at the bachelor’s exhibition, it is now available as a download on this website.

The version is still largely the one that could be seen at the exhibition, with an additional, though very rough, English translation added.

Still, there are some bugs around. It might be best to understand the current state of the game as a tech demo: Most of the functionality is here, but it still lacks content and proper balancing. Play around – and tell me what you think.


Known issues

  • Some dialogue options lead astray or produce errors. If you encounter one, please let me know the last working option. Pressing ESC will allow you to interrupt the dialogue and start again.
  • Moving around while carrying the moving box and looking at the floor will make you bump around – weird physics. Should have exchanged the box model with another one upon picking it up.
  • Kicking the ball around might result in it dropping out of the level.

The complete list of all known issues can be found over here.

If you encounter bugs or have other suggestions, please get in touch with me. Thank you!