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Between Bears

Animating Natural Human Movement

Eiko Oba explains in an article over at Gamasutra how human figure animation can be improved by understanding the concept of the Center of Mass.

Some skilled animators have the ability to picture and recreate human movement easily. But most of us can’t. At our studio we often encourage animators to use reference videos showing a person performing the action they’re meant to animate. This helps them understand the movement better, but video can only go so far.

Learn about 3d Character Rigging in Blender 3D

“Rigging, is a process used in computer animation, particularly in the animation of characters, to efficiently mimic real world skeletal systems for animation purposes. This technique is used by creating or using a series of “bones” to form skeletons. Each bone in the skeleton is responsible for deforming and animating a part of the character. Many 3d programs offer some form of skeletal rigging feature.

This lens will be an introduction to general rigging theories as implemented by the rigging tools and features of Blender 3D to create successful characters for animation.”

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