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XML in Unity 3D: Tracker and Translator available on GitHub

Since I happen to be ranked somewhat high when it comes to mentioning Unity 3D and XML, and some of the posts1 happen to be outdated by now since I learned stuff2. But most of all, I intend to learn even more.

That’s why I choose to release those two projects into the wild and publish them on github.

GeoNames [Drupal]

“A collection of modules to provide an API to integrate with GeoNames webservices. The modules in this package enable access to all information provided by the XML-based Services from GeoNames.”

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RecipeBook XML - An XML markup language for sharing recipes electronically

„RecipeBook XML is a markup language used to write recipes and cookbooks. It is simple and easy to learn, but offers some powerful features. Once a recipe is written in RecipeBook XML it can be reproduced in HTML, PDF, Rich Text formats all from the same source document.

The primary goal of RecipeBook XML is to allow people to create, store and share recipes in a variety of electronic formats.“

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