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2010-07-22: Sinfest

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Hrhrhrhr. SinfestTatsuya Ishida

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flOw recreated using the StarCraft II map editor

Modders never cease to amaze me. Maybe it’s a simple thing to use StarCraft II‘s map editor to make a recreation of thatgamecompany’s brilliant game, flOw. I wouldn’t know because the very idea of trying to figure out how one would do such a thing intimidates the hell out of me. Thank goodness that there are people out there to take care of those things for me. The above video shows exactly that: flOw with Zerg. I challenge you to find me a universe in which that is not an awesom …

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sonic xl

in sonic xl, the gold rings that sonic collects are fried and collecting them causes the hedgehog to get fatter, slower, and heavier – to become less and less capable of obeying the player’s commands – until all he can do is sit and wait for the heart attack that kills him. this hack, apart from being impressive (the authors have created lots of new animations for sonic at varying levels of belly), is interesting for a few reasons. thematically, sonic xl is interesting because it points o …

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Damn: Starcraft II cost $100 million to make

            You know that Activision Blizzard is going to make a sh*tton of money on the follow-up to one of the biggest PC games ever created. Apparently they also knew that, as they spent $100 million to make its sequel.

The Wall Street Journal says that AB spent over $100 million on the three parts that will eventually make up the full sequel. That insane total is strictly development cost, so it would be way higher adding in marketing and other costs. I asked a visiting friend, a Starcraft …

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EA: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a hypocrite

            You know it, I know it, everyone knows that Arnold "violent games are evil but please keep watching Terminator films" Schwarzenegger is a ridiculous hypocrite. Despite it being common knowledge, however, videogame industry members rarely call him on his bullsh*t in the terms that he deserves. Fortunately, Jeff Green has stepped in to take the slack.

“Here’s the thing, though. As bloody as this movie may be, it’s not actually illegal for a theater to sell a minor a ticket t …

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British Empire presents new kite to Darth Vader

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I love the set designer.

Britain’s Ministry of Defense announced this unmanned fighter jet today, the Tiranus. Named for the Celtic god of bad-assery, it looks markedly more sinister than America’s one, itself revealed in May. There’s something about that blue-gray hangar … it reminds me of something.

MoD lifts lid on unmanned combat plane prototype [BBC]

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StarCraft Wiki

… this is research.

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You see a stone!

ai laik katamari and zork version
original post: Bobs House Of Video Games …

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Women with Edges and Corners

Yes, I might not have been very happy about the recent gender workshop at art school, but this has more to do with me getting fed up with the usual “let’s-integrate-everyone-just-some-people-more-than-others” that it implies. It is not exactly something that is exclusive to the gender discussion, but can be seen in the LGBT camp as well.

I have, however, nothing against strong female figures in gaming.

Post-Waste Landscapes

The bldgblog remains a source for inspiration and ideas.This time, Geoff Manaugh reviews the book The Meadowlands by Robert Sullivan. The Meadowlands are basically New York’s dump, a forgotten and abused patch of land. But just because of all this trash, a curious landscape began to emerge.

Showtime – Movie & Cinema App

For the past few month, Marc and I have been working on our pet project whenever time allowed it. We’ve put a lot of time in it and even skipped some perfectly fine versions because we wanted to make it better. I guess that’s the upside and downside of pet projects, there is no real […] …

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History of Social Games by Jon Radoff

A History of Social games

Jon Radoff created a beautiful visualisation of the history of social games, reminding us that those kind of games are not exactly a new invention. There have been social games before World of Warcraft and Farmville.

[via Jesper Juul]

05/28/10 PHD comic: 'A story in file names'

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    & Deeper  by Jorge

      "A story in file names" - originally published 

For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!

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Moral Choices

I know, I know, I have a tendency to pretty much reblog every feature story from Gamasutra, but hey, they do have a talent to pick out the really interesting questions.

From the Vault – The BioShock Pitch / Game Design Document [Irrational Games]

„Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to present to you the pitch document for the original BioShock. This is the masterful fusion of design and marketing that Irrational initially presented to publishers, selling them on the idea of supporting our little odyssey beneath the waves.

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