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What's Up: A Look at Nothing's Gamefied Time Tracker

Living by the numbers – why yes, that’s something I do and find quite fascinating. I love RescueTime and Google Analytics.

So it’s no wonder I find Nothing’s Time Tracker and Office Dashboard such an awesome idea.

Breaking into the Mainstream

Benjamin Burger has watched the episode titled Addicted to Games? of the BBC series Panorama, and is not exactly happy about it (as have been other people, as I could watch on Twitter):

ActionScript and the Twitter API, Simplified

“The aim of this tutorial is to simplify matters, and get you making your first AS3 Twitter requests (using either Flash or Flex) within a few minutes. I have condensed the process down to three easy steps.”

Taxonomy upgrade extras

Duh Bill

If you’re not on Twitter, you’re been spared me banging on about the Digital Economy Bill, a rushed-through piece of legislation that was introduc …

Taxonomy upgrade extras