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Blogs for Game Design Students

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And as long as we’re at the lists for game design students, this one might come in handy as well: A list of 20 game design blogs that students will love:

U Jelly?


It’s clearly not the first time I stumbled over the assumption that the mainly heteronormative depiction of gaming characters causes “severe disconnections between player and avatar if the player identifies as a minority”.1

New Issue of Eludamos, the Journal for Computer Game Culture

I should not put everything in the title, it leaves me nothing to post in here.

Sleep is Death player manual (and guide to better living) [The Brainy Gamer]

“With Sleep is Death, Jason Rohrer has facilitated a fascinating convergence of player, avatar, game world, and role-playing. Longtime gamers who know all about such things will feel right at home with SiD’s retro 8-bit aesthetic, but may soon find themselves disabled by the game’s lack of a clear directive. “What am I supposed to do?” is the common response among students and colleagues to whom I’ve shown the game.

SiD doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead, it offers a toolset and a system for 2-player cooperative storycrafting. What you do with it is up to you.

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