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Cut from an IRC chat ...

[nm]: cvottons not grown ... is it?!?
      I thought they sheered sheep for it
• Pixielo shakes her head
[nm]: :o
Pixielo: [nm] Wool comes from sheep, cotton comes from a plant....
Pixielo: That's just sad.
[nm]: thats gotta be 1 trippy looking plant
• [nm] is off to google
[nm]: WOW
[nm]: AWSOME
[nm]: they ARE trippy

Nie mehr mit Brille am Computer sitzen!


blockquote cite="">

Informatiker der Universität des Saarlandes haben unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Michael Backes gezeigt, wie leicht sich die Daten eines PC-Benutzers dank Reflexionen des Bildschirminhaltes etwa in Brillengläsern, Kaffeetassen oder Teekannen entwenden lassen. […]

[citation needed]


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I recently started a culture jamming (Operation Mindfuck for Discordians) campaign that involves recontextualizing ads and signs -- or anything that makes a dubious claim -- using stickers with the [citation needed] tag found in Wikipedia articles. This blog post describes the project and has the first few pictures.


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