Multi-Layered Game Design

I create experiences
I create experiences
that are immersive and inclusive.
I create experiences
that challenge the players to look past the obvious.
I create experiences
that motivate patients to keep improving.
I create experiences
that teach students abstract concepts through emotional journeys.
I create experiences
that resonate even after the player has finished playing.
I’m Kaspar Manz, a game designer, based in Zürich, Switzerland.
I’m your full-service game developer. I can support you all the way through the complete development process of your game.

Game Design

I can help you develop engaging game mechanics and rules, moving past simple and overused gamification tricks, be it for your therapy game or your educational game. Make sure you create an experience that resonates with your players even after they finish your game.

World Building

A captivating game world or metaphor can make all the difference. Finding a setting and plot that works in concert with the game design and that is appropriate for your target audience is something I’d be happy to do for you.

Game Art

Your game deserves its own unique visual language to stand out of the crowd. I can help you define your own distinct look and graphical vocabulary.

Game Development

Where is your target audience? Whether it is a board game, a web app, a PC game or a smartphone app, I assist you in finding the right medium for your game and develop it for you.

Graphic Design

Taking the graphical vocabulary of your game further: by establishing a unique brand and providing you with the necessary print and digital materials, I can ensure that your game has a strong identity that works in every medium it is encountered.

Project Management

Through my experience as both a programmer and artist, I know the challenges and modes of thinking of both fields and can translate between them, ensuring smooth collaboration between all parties.


However wide-spread my abilities are, there is just not enough time to do it all on my own. Which is why you can depend on my broad network of first-class artists, game designers, programmers and app developers to work along with me.

If you choose to work with me, you can rest assured that you’ll work with just the right specialists tailored to your project.