Processing-to-Unity Pipeline

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Just a hint on how pictures generated by Processing could be integrated into Unity (at least in an exhibition – the technique requires an instance of Processing running, which won’t be available on an ordinary setup).

  1. Processing produces an image (i. e. from a webcam) and writes that to the disk. When it has finished writing, it will place a lockfile in the same directory.
  2. Unity reads the picture and when finished reading it into memory, removes the lockfile again.
  3. Processing notes the missing lockfile and generates a new image; as well as a new lockfile.

Why the lockfile? The lockfile is placed to keep Processing and Unity from overwriting/reading each other.

What are the downsides? This solution is very processor intensive. May not work in all cases. Requires Processing running besides Unity – which may mean that Processing could crash in the background and the game tries to keep running …