Build Order Matters (And Other Tales)

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Just a few notes from the battlefield that is my game for Fantoche:

Build Order Matters

Whenever you get the error message «The type or namespace name <type/namespace> could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)» in Unity when trying to access a component on another GameObject, do not bother to rewrite your complete code.

Just check the folders your classes are in: If your referenced classes are somewhere in the top Assets folder while your referencing class is in the Standard Assets, you will have a problem, since scripts in Standard Assets are compiled first – and as such, compiled before the referenced classes even exist.

Reverse the placement or just put them all in one folder, and you are set.

Yield Instructions in C#

yield instructions in C# are a bit unwieldy. Most of all, they need a Coroutine that returns a IEnumerator. To get this type in MonoDevelop, add using System.Collections; to the top of your class.

Load Resources Dynamically

Assets residing in a folder called Resources (big surprise) can be loaded at runtime using Resources.Load(). To get the assets as the right type, use

AudioClip clipObj = Resources.Load(“GoodAfternoon”) as AudioClip;

On Other News

The XMLStringReader has been rewritten to support path strings for audio files (residing, as you might have guessed, in the Resources folder). Also: a trigger script with which those strings can be accessed and the audio played.

More of that in a later post, though. My hair is dry enough to go to bed now.