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Just a few games I stumbled over this morning.


Any serious game designer should know Jenova Chen – yes, the guy who made flOw, and since then has an uncanny ability to forge a single governing mechanic into hauntingly beautiful games.

Now, a new game called Journey is to be released. It features nothing more than one person and a huge desert one has to cross. And that is all. It has multiplayer capabilities through the fact that one other random player is added to the same game. The players cannot communicate with each other. But they may share the journey for a while.


Not only is this a combination of two of my own, as of yet unused ideas, it seems to have been beautifully and poetically executed as well.

This kind of reminds me that I should get some of those XBox Live Arcade / Playstation Store Points / Credits / Thingies so I get a chance to play Limbo and Flower, some of the other small but exceptional games that are simply a must-play. At least for me.

[via Tolle Thesen testen]

And for all my readers that are (in contrast to me) not very fond of to-do-lists:

Epic Win

Yes, Epic Win is basically the same as Chore Wars, but for the iPhone. And as a more single-playery-experience. Epic Win is available at the iTunes Store for CHF 3.30. Avatars sold separately. *facepalm*

[via lifehacker]