Local Game Designers 2010-10-21

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Some links and snippets from the last Local Game Designers Meeting:

Feel like a real game designer with the iPhone game GameDev Story!

My neighbour Benjamin Burger is a master’s student at the Zurich University of Arts and plans a project on bringing games onto the stage – I’ll follow that closely – obviously, since it is the exact combination of my current and previous field of study.

Creating normal maps in blender (I think we have another post around here about exactly that topic): It is necessary to use two meshes: one is low-, the other the high-poly version. The low-poly version can easily be created using the decimate modifier. Having both meshes selected, one can bake the normal map from them, already preparing a image in the Image/UV window that will take the baked map. This map, obviously, can then be applied to the low-poly version.

Also: CrazyBump is now available for Mac OS X!

If you want to discuss game development in general, you might want to check out http://Gamedev. stackexchange.com – a recently opened Stack Exchange on game development.