XML in Unity 3D: Tracker and Translator available on GitHub

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Since I happen to be ranked somewhat high when it comes to mentioning Unity 3D and XML, and some of the posts1 happen to be outdated by now since I learned stuff2. But most of all, I intend to learn even more.

That’s why I choose to release those two projects into the wild and publish them on github.


UnityGamePlayMetrics has been described here. It was build to track a players movements and write them into XML files in order to analyse them later on. Since the community showed interest, I released it first on Dropbox – without much explanation, which led to some confusion.

Now UnityGamePlayMetrics resides on github, has a proper Readme and should be a bit more accessible.


The UnityTranslator has been with me quite some time now (also since Trust in Me, to be exact), as can be seen in that post. It allows you to get strings according to a set language out of an XML file - therefore making the translation of a game a breeze.

The class has been put to good use in weConnect and will be used in my Bachelor’s game – in a modified form. This modified form now also resides on github.

Since the class has seen much changes recently, it is not yet completely guaranteed to work from the start, and it is also missing a Readme as of the time of writing. Since the class is currently used in my project, it will continue to be improved and updated.


Since this is code I developed privately for my personal projects, I cannot guarantee that they will work out of the box. You might have to tinker around to get good results and to adapt them to your specific project.

You are absolutely welcome to fork the projects and improve them. This is what I meant by wanting to learn more. When other people discuss and pick my code apart, it can only help me to hone my skills.

You are also welcome to report issues. While I cannot promise that I’ll fix them right away, they serve the same purpose: they make me think of ways to improve the code.

Both projects are released under a Creative Commons Attribution License, so you are free to build upon those projects – as long as you give credit where credit is due.

  1. Like the one on writing log files in Unity 3D or the one on getting strings out of XML files↩︎

  2. Yes, that happens from time to time. ↩︎