Swiss Game Development: Block Duel by Bummzack

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When there is actually something happening it the Swiss games’ scene, it should be noted. Even more so when the game is

  • available for free
  • based on a clever idea
  • and released without much fanfare.

Well, here comes the fanfare.

Roman Schmid (likely known to you as @bummzack on Twitter) created a Tetris clone for two, playable on your iPad, named Block Duel. It’s not just your normal 1v1 game you know from the GameBoy version. You play on the same screen, one player with white blocks, the other with black ones – and whatever your opponent drops on his side becomes a hole from your perspective. It is, in short, a clever play on negative space – but what else could you expect from a person well thought in the arts of graphic design?

So, if you and your loved one have grown tired of Orbital1, Block Duel might be just the thing for you.

Read more about it on Roman Schmid’s website or grab it directly on the app store. Oh, did I mention it’s free? Yes, it totally is.

  1. Apparently a common choice, as proven on various occasions (okay, okay, on two couples I know of). ↩︎