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Maybe this is a mad idea.

I’m seriously considering positioning myself and my company as a transmedia storytelling business.

Look at my credentials: I studied theatre. I know about drama, and structure, and pacing, about dramatic arcs and tension curves. I know about performances, about acting.

I studied game design. I know about game mechanics, about motivation, about challenging people, about creating multilinear stories.

I might not be a real digital native (for that I’m a bit too old), but I’m damn real close to being one. I blog and tweet for over ten years, I know how these digital mediums work, how they can be used to tell stories.

I’m a pen-and-paper RPG player. I know how to invent narrative spaces for players to explore, and I know what to do when players do unexpected things – and they do. Every single time.

 Is there potential in Switzerland for something like this?

The public TV station SRF is looking to create better quality TV. Why not create a transmedia show that not only plays out on the TV screen, but engages the audience on other channels as well, just like The Company P did with The Truth About Marika, which they called participation drama?

Private TV station joiz already uses all possible social media channels to engage their teenage audience – what if one used that to tell a story? An ARG with puzzles for the audience to solve collectively?

So maybe this is a mad idea.

But damn, I’d love to do that.