Automatic Quality Adaption for Unity3D

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While most gamers enjoy having as many options as possible to fine-tune the look and performance of the games they play, this is not always possible or advisable to do.

Especially in therapy games, where games are on one hand used by non-hardcore gamers that are oblivious to those possibilities and on the other hand are likely to be played on systems that have not been built to be used as powerful gaming machines, another solution is needed.

The following MonoBehaviour can easily be added to a project and adapts the quality of a game automatically in order to provide smooth frame rates.

Depending on whether the frame rate is above or below the range you set, this script will in- or decrease the quality settings. Once the frame rate has stabilised, the component will disable itself.

For the script to work you need to have the quality settings of your Unity3D project correctly set up (and in the right order).