The Art of Modern Games

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Images have always been used to transport ideology, and it isn’t that different in games.

Case in point, because I just recently stumbled over concept art for Modern Combat 5. I don’t play these games. But what the concept art, though technically brilliant, tells you about the mindset of the developers behind the game, is quite … interesting.

Have a look here, and then observe a few things, especially regarding the character design:

  • Compare the armour male characters wear as opposed to the “armour” the (single) female character wears.
  • Compare the body types of the male characters to the body type of the female character.
  • Have a look at what – very likely – the main character of the game, “Phoenix”. Does he remind you of someone – like, for example, all the leading men of recent AAA games?

I really have to wonder: Is that all those so-called “creatives” can produce these days?

I find that rather … sad.