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For a long time, (as in: almost 10 years, since its first inception as xeophin.tapestry) this blog has allowed comments to be posted – after all, that was what blogging was all about.

After I updated the design of the website this spring, comments haven’t been shown anymore. Originally, this was because I was not happy how they were looking and needed some additional theme adaptions.

Now, I decided to remove comments for good. Usage has been low for years, apart for being a honey pot for spam bots, of which some always slipped through my defences and needed manual removal. In the end, this was too much work for too little gain.

Alternative communication channels are still available: Twitter, the Facebook page, where all links to blog posts get posted, or, if it’s code, I try to post it on Gist, so it can be forked, commented and improved upon there.