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More things to remember from last week:

The real problem is not making a game, it is finishing it, as Alex Amsel, one of our guest speakers, pointed out. This is especially true if you are working with a publisher or try to put your games onto XBox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network or WiiWare: be prepared to work through pages of checklists to complete all specifications. Repeated testing and repairing things might easily take up to a year until your game is finally downloadable. Also: it costs a lot.

Plan to be multilingual. If you have all text somewhere hardcoded, it will take forever to extract those strings and translate them. (Obviously, that is exactly the thing I did in xeophin’s CarbonCopy …) For me that probably means I have to learn to get down and dirty with XML and how to get them parsed in Unity.

Getting licensed to work on XBox 360 or PlayStation or any of the Nintendo platforms is a “lengthy and traumatic experience”. Ouch.

And as an aside: soon I will have business cards. Yay.