Combining ImageField Crop with ImageCache

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Just to prove that I actually did something today apart from surfing the web: Even though the interface does not at first suggest so, it is possible to combine ImageField Crop with the ImageCache module on Drupal.

 Setting it up

  1. Create a ImageCache preset (e. g. thumbnail)
  2. Create a filefield in the desired content type and choose the image crop widget.
  3. Go to the display settings for the field: you will find that you can not only display the image, but the (cropped) image with the setting applied as well.


The user will be able to crop the image to the desired dimension, and the image will show up in various variations throughout the site.


The image crop widet is not (yet?) compatible with the Insert module – as such, it can’t be used to place the images freely. But since I use the image in a very specific way (as a header image), this is not much of an issue in this case.