Sherlock Holmes – The Wagner Ritual

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This experience adapts a classic Sherlock Holmes story to the new medium of Virtual Reality. It is a proof of concept to show that VR is a viable option for the adaptation of classic content for the 360° screen, just as current media forms are doing.

Existing content can benefit from the new storytelling techniques of VR, showing a new angle on things. Sherlock Holmes has been adapted many times from silent film to radio, theatre to movies and TV series. It’s only fitting that he should be the one to debut as the hero of one of the first classic novel adaptation for VR.


In the app, users are experiencing the classic story of the ‘Musgrave Ritual’, accompanying Sherlock Holmes through the case. During the case, a special memory room is accessible to provide players an insight into Sherlock Holmes’ mind, further immersing them in the story. This represents the way the readers/watchers mind usually thinks along with the detective in a mystery story.

The app contains 360° photographs, featuring actors as the characters and voice-over of the action, similar to a radio play. It showcases the qualities of exploration and wonder that VR evokes, while telling a compelling story. The mystery/detective genre in itself urges users to actively explore all details. A classic tale and beloved characters makes the users feel at home, while giving them the opportunity to see them in a new light – being in the story with them.

Aimed at new users

The experience is designed especially for users new to VR. It is set at a slow pace, allowing users to get familiar with the concept of VR. Through the photo composition, dialogue and 3D audio, it makes them explore the world in all directions. The experience is aimed at all users, who are not mainly interested in games, but still want to see the wonders of VR. It is also a chance to introduce people to VR, who haven’t been interested before, but are attracted by the Sherlock Holmes content.


While Janina Woods from Ateo GmbH did most of the heavy lifting, I contributed in the following ways:

Edited and helped rewrite the original script to be more lively and more akin to a radioplay by having the characters interact more directly with each other (having studied theatre did pay off in the end)

Edited and prepared some additional interface elements


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