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Game commissioned by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies of the University of Berne, Switzerland.

Created for an interactive exhibit for the “Researcher’s Night”, the game challenges the stereotypes we have as soon as we see a person.

The visitors were asked to guess the occupation of the people in the illustrations. Obviously, most of the time, the character’s occupation was not guessable from their attire alone. As such, visitors learned how stereotypes influenced their thinking and how it led them astray.

Beruf der Muslima: Bankdirektorin
Blinde Frau
Beruf der blinden Frau: Bierbrauerin

Work included the creation of the original concept of the game, the creation of the necessary prototypes as well as the production of all print material necessary.

The characters were designed and illustrated by Binan Woll from Koboldgames GmbH, Olten.