UI Design for Medical Training Device

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A Sensible Touch
During my time at the Institute for Neuroinformatics, I did not just design and develop training games for the prototype of a new medical training device, I also created the UI for the accompanying steering application.

Target Platform

Windows 7/8
Touch Screen


A stand-out visual language
that is clean, airy and communicates “health” and “medical precision”. It was designed to translate to other devices without losing its identity.
A flexible groundwork that can cover different use cases
It has to work for patients exercising at home as well as therapists that need to set up the device in a multi-patient environment and for a large number of patients.
Quick access to most often used functions
The favourite training plan for daily use can be started directly from the patient’s home screen.
Visualise settings and configurations
Due to the complex nature of the device and its many configuration possibilities, most of the options have been turned into interactive graphs so it becomes more apparent how parameters relate in intensity and time to other available parameters.
Home Screen
Training Mode Selection Screen
Settings Screen
Game Parameter Settings Screen


The design has been created in Adobe InDesign since it facilitates working with a well-defined grid.

Through the use of interactive elements, a PDF version of the draft functioned as a working wireframe, demonstrating the proposed interactions to the clients.

After completion, the design has then been taken over by a coworker and turned into a working application using Windows Forms.

Since the device has not been released so far, the screenshots have been edited to remove all references to the client and their product.