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While getting some answers on UnityAnwser, that were kindly answered by someone going by the handle of Duck, I stumbled over his website.

And look what I have found:


Reading Strings out of an XML file using C# in Unity 3D


The code for this project has seen extensive changes and has since been migrated to GitHub. Read more about it over here – and then go forth and fork it. It is released under a Creative Commons License, so you are free to build upon it.

Since I already played around with XML in C#, this part of the project was easier to do than before.

What is it supposed to do?

Basically, I could simply hard-code most of my strings used in the game directly into the code – no one would notice the difference anyway. But obviously, this is not a very good idea, both because editing strings and later translating them becomes a pain.

Creating some data that would allow me to get strings out of an XML file would solve this problem – and, if the code is good enough, be reusable in later games.

It would allow me to edit text independently of the game code and add translations on a later date.