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Random Object Placer for Procedural Design

Another script that is the result of the ProXedural project at the ZHdK. It produces a somewhat randomly generated level of the size of a collider that is placed over a terrain in Unity 3D.

By using a somewhat mixed approach of completely random raycast placing and placing objects using an array, the script can ensure that the different kinds of objects are distributed all over the terrain.

Again, the script may be oddly specific at times, so you might have to adapt it to your needs if you intend to reuse it.


Programming Finite State Machines in Unity3D using C#

Finite State Machines are quite a convenient design pattern in Game Design, as they allow for quite some flexibility when programming AI behaviour.


From a Local Perspective: Placing Stuff in Unity 3D

Placing stuff in 3D space in Unity 3D is simple, right? Just use this.transform.position and you are all set – or so we have been taught in art school. Turns out there are a few pitfalls I happen to hit whenever I work with that stuff.

Reading and Writing Values of transform.position

Yes, you can access the x, y, and z-values of the transform.position. But you can not change them directly (at least in C#). You have to use a Vector3 object, as in:


Getting Things In and Out of Arrays in ActionScript or JavaScript

Since I have a hard time keeping push(), pop(), shift() and unshift() apart, here’s a little cheat sheet I whipped up:

Array Manipulating Cheat Sheet