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I'm Strong, But I Can't Help Myself

So first Kim referred to it, then Karin and finally Janina, so yes, I should definitely read that article, right?

So you know what I say? I say screw Strong Female Characters. What we need now are some Weak Female Characters. My arguments below the fold…


Genderpolitics in Games

Thanks to a game blog (Destructoid, or Kotaku, I do not remember) I came across the Border House Blog, a blog about questions of gender, feminism and LGBT in games. One of the articles is about WoW:


Women with Edges and Corners

Yes, I might not have been very happy about the recent gender workshop at art school, but this has more to do with me getting fed up with the usual “let’s-integrate-everyone-just-some-people-more-than-others” that it implies. It is not exactly something that is exclusive to the gender discussion, but can be seen in the LGBT camp as well.

I have, however, nothing against strong female figures in gaming.