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I'm Strong, But I Can't Help Myself - Part II

I seem to lack the skills to express myself currently, it seems. Looks like I have to explain myself after my previous post on female characters.

Dragica made the point that she does not want her heroines to be gender neutral, but rather female.


I'm Strong, But I Can't Help Myself

So first Kim referred to it, then Karin and finally Janina, so yes, I should definitely read that article, right?

So you know what I say? I say screw Strong Female Characters. What we need now are some Weak Female Characters. My arguments below the fold…


U Jelly?

It’s clearly not the first time I stumbled over the assumption that the mainly heteronormative depiction of gaming characters causes “severe disconnections between player and avatar if the player identifies as a minority”.1


Back to the Virtual Closet! Shoo-shoo!

Robert Yang stumbled over a quote by Jim Sterling recently:

Jim Sterling: “Arcade Gannon’s sexuality isn’t a big deal, and that’s how videogames should play it.”

… and it made him not exactly happy:


Genderpolitics in Games

Thanks to a game blog (Destructoid, or Kotaku, I do not remember) I came across the Border House Blog, a blog about questions of gender, feminism and LGBT in games. One of the articles is about WoW:


Women with Edges and Corners

Yes, I might not have been very happy about the recent gender workshop at art school, but this has more to do with me getting fed up with the usual “let’s-integrate-everyone-just-some-people-more-than-others” that it implies. It is not exactly something that is exclusive to the gender discussion, but can be seen in the LGBT camp as well.

I have, however, nothing against strong female figures in gaming.