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How to paint a seamless texture in Photoshop

This requires Photoshop Extended, since the 3D tools are only available in the Extended Version of Photoshop. It also has (at least in my current version, CS5) some serious shortcomings, i. e. forget about layers. Kiss them goodbye. Also, performance-wise, this is not something that works without waiting between every second brush stroke.


How to assign more than one material to a mesh in Blender 2.5 and up

You occasionally want to assign more than one material to a mesh in blender. You might need different textures on the same mesh, and don’t want to break up the mesh into different objects.


Local Game Designers 2010-10-21

Some links and snippets from the last Local Game Designers Meeting:

Feel like a real game designer with the iPhone game GameDev Story!


Cloth Simulation in 3ds Max

[This might only make sense to me – these are very short notes on the presentation Janina held on using cloth simulation in 3ds Max].

The Plane that is supposed to be the cloth needs to get a Cloth modifier. In the modifier properties both the actual cloth as well as the objects the cloth is falling unto have to be added - the later one as a collider. Also, gravity is (unlike blender) not a standard part of the scene and has to be added as a force field. These forces need to be added to the simulation as well.


FBX Export in Blender 2.5 for Unity3D

Exporting an animated armature with a mesh for Unity using Blender 2.5 can be a bit of a hassle. With the armature parented to the mesh, I could either export the mesh or the armature with the animations, but never both.

Having the armature separate from the mesh seemed to have worked – I have now everything set up in Unity, both mesh and armature with animation.

Though the animation looks slighty wobbly …