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Sherlock Holmes – The Wagner Ritual

This experience adapts a classic Sherlock Holmes story to the new medium of Virtual Reality. It is a proof of concept to show that VR is a viable option for the adaptation of classic content for the 360° screen, just as current media forms are doing.

Existing content can benefit from the new storytelling techniques of VR, showing a new angle on things. Sherlock Holmes has been adapted many times from silent film to radio, theatre to movies and TV series. It’s only fitting that he should be the one to debut as the hero of one of the first classic novel adaptation for VR.

More Inspiration (for game designers and other nerds)

Having a collection of ideas and sources of inspiration is always good, and it is even better when they are shared with like-minded people.

Which is why it is awesome that Janina, whom you know from over here has now her own blog, on which she shares what inspires her.

Janina: Welcome to the club!

Everyone else: go ahead and visit her blog!


Other Blogs of Note

Since Janina, whom you know from before has now her own blog, I think it is time for a renewed round-up of blogs of friends and colleagues.


Now Introducing: Janina

In the future we will have reviews of new video games written by Janina Woods. Janina is – just as me – a future game designer and studies at the same university. She is well-known for her knowledge of Triple-A games.

In cooperation with PlayStation Switzerland, she will post reviews of new and upcoming PlayStation 3 games.

She is off to a fast start: here is her review of ModNation Racers (in German).