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What's Up: A Look at Nothing's Gamefied Time Tracker

Living by the numbers – why yes, that’s something I do and find quite fascinating. I love RescueTime and Google Analytics.

So it’s no wonder I find Nothing’s Time Tracker and Office Dashboard such an awesome idea.


Fun with Statistics: Predicting the Next iPhone Arrival

This made me LOL:


Architecture and Level Design [The B Files]

Robert Yang kindly asked me to translate the article about my level design considerations for my bachelor’s thesis game. I’m slightly afraid that he is going to be disappointed, since this is not so much a theoretical approach to architecture and level design in general, but rather my thoughts and motivations for creating the specific level architecture for my own game.


Some Stacks Short

Oh, Stacking. If only I could love you more. You seemed so promising, but yet …

Okay, granted. I only played the demo, available on Xbox Live Arcade. Maybe that was not enough. Maybe I should play further, so I you could reveal more of your depth. But – do you possess it?


U Jelly?

It’s clearly not the first time I stumbled over the assumption that the mainly heteronormative depiction of gaming characters causes “severe disconnections between player and avatar if the player identifies as a minority”.1


Getting Some Facts Back into the Internets

Just a very short post, since the media are currently going ape-shit on video games (again …), and just as it always is, are flinging around more bullshit than actual facts.

The current accusation is that video games cause rape.


The increase in rapes can be attributed in large part to the playing out of [sexual] scenes in video games.


In the Search for the Game Design Auteur

One of the reasons why getting into game design right now is so interesting is the fact that part of the business, of the creative process and of the production is still forming – and in a constant state of flux.

While on one hand, game production teams have grown larger in order to produce even more content (after all, many AAA titles boast to have 50+ hours playtime – which is 25 times as much as a normal action film), other people reduced their teams and are producing awesome games with teams of three or four people.


The Model City

Just a short note on the ubiquity of New York by Jim Rossignol over at the (always great) BLDGBLOG:

The parallels and disparities between videogames and movies are endlessly debated, but there’s one certainty: they both return, routinely, to the architecture of New York City. The most frequently filmed city in the world is also the most frequently modeled.


Where Is the Horror?

Keith Stuart on The Guardian misses real, scary horror in games – even though this medium should be ideally suited for it.

Horror should be a key facet in the video game armoury – the unique element of interaction is seemingly purpose-built to drag us into nightmarish experiences. But, mostly, horror games are merely blood-soaked adventures or shooters, which borrow the clothes of successful horror movies without ever occupying the body of terror within.


Baby Steps: How Journalism Deals with Video Games

I have a new-found respect for farmers (that I’m somehow failing to apply here) after attempting to complete either mission. After four lengths of the cornfield I decided to see if tractors can swim. Tractors cannot swim.


Hometown GP

While getting some answers on UnityAnwser, that were kindly answered by someone going by the handle of Duck, I stumbled over his website.

And look what I have found:


Back to the Virtual Closet! Shoo-shoo!

Robert Yang stumbled over a quote by Jim Sterling recently:

Jim Sterling: “Arcade Gannon’s sexuality isn’t a big deal, and that’s how videogames should play it.”

… and it made him not exactly happy:


The Century of the Self

Or: How the USA learned that everything is just psychology – and all that can be solved.


Procedural Jellyfish

Beautiful procedural jellyfish by Marcin Ignac, found via The Science of Creativity:

More about the project over at Marcin’s project website Cindermedusae.


Local Game Designers 2010-10-21

Some links and snippets from the last Local Game Designers Meeting:

Feel like a real game designer with the iPhone game GameDev Story!