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It's Still a Work in Progress

As you might notice: some things are not where they have been before. Some things look different now. So yes: my blog, in fact the whole website is still in a state of disarray and continued re-arrangement.

So yeah: things may go wonky. Bear with me ^_^


How to Format a Time String with C# in Unity 3D

(This is only here for personal reference, since this is rather basic programming …)


/// Formats the input string (in seconds) as a human readable /// string in the form of MM:SS. /// /// /// A of the current playing time. /// private string formatedTimeString (string input) { int seconds; int minutes;


The Gameification of the World, Part ... hum

… one day I have to start to count. Here comes another attempt to make something not so fun more interesting, faster, enjoyable. This time?

It’s e-mail. Thank to Gmails rather open structure, other websites can plug into your inbox and therefore change the way you handle mail.


Pissing People Off

… is, apparently, something Tale of Tales are rather good at. Robert Yang has a neat timeline of the current events. And it is not the first time they make people angry.

Of course, you can debate the value of their provocations, you can debate their contribution to game culture –


These Will Be Golden Times

I guess my plan is not so bad after all. At least this article at GameLife proves my point perfectly: first learn all the important stuff about producing a game at a big studio, probably failing miserably a few times along the way – and then actually founding your own little studio to produce the games you really want to do – just as Jamie Cheng (Shank), Jake Kazdal (Skulls of the Shogun) and Sean Murray (Joe Danger) did.


Art History of Video Games

There was the conference about the Art History of Video Games, which was organized by Ian Bogost, one of my secret heroes.


Living with Less

Yes, I know I should be now checking my mail (which, as I already know, will contain some business regarding this blog, which in turn will involve you, my dear readers1), but I just have to post this, because it now follows me for some days, and I find the idea both awesome and a bit intimidating.


Other Blogs of Note

Since Janina, whom you know from before has now her own blog, I think it is time for a renewed round-up of blogs of friends and colleagues.


The Weight of the Soul

I’m pretty sure I stumbled over this story before, but this is a longer article about the scientist that tried to weight the human soul:


Many Dead Things

Stillborn Dragon Baby


Writing XML Log Files in Unity 3D using C#


The code for this project has seen extensive changes and has since been migrated to GitHub. Read more about it over here – and then go forth and fork it. It is released under a Creative Commons License, so you are free to build upon it.

Since I want to make some basic statistics for my game at Fantoche, I needed some basic logging function of the player’s position.


Seeds for Game Ideas

Designed by Christophe Berg with artwork by Liselore Goedhart, Game Seeds is a unique meta game:

Game Seeds is a card game designed to spice up your brainstorm sessions on Character and Game Design.

Game Seeds are wild free-spirited tiny creatures that you can play with, combine, hack and get inspired by to bring new characters and game ideas to life.

The object of Game Seeds: design a Hero, design a Sidekick and design a Game by playing with a deck of cards.


Playing Dead

Clive Thompson about the interesting effects death has on players of video games:

When I’m in a really intense firefight in a game, I’m a total wreck, emotionally. Sure, it feels good to vanquish my foes, but sometimes it’s just nice to get a break, and dying is — among, uh, other things — certainly a break.



Too Expensive to Develop?

John Lanchester argues in this essay that the production of games has become so expensive, the democratic effect is vanishing – quite in contrast to the rest of media, where the internet made it simpler and cheaper to produce for.