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Automatic Quality Adaption for Unity3D

While most gamers enjoy having as many options as possible to fine-tune the look and performance of the games they play, this is not always possible or advisable to do.

Especially in therapy games, where games are on one hand used by non-hardcore gamers that are oblivious to those possibilities and on the other hand are likely to be played on systems that have not been built to be used as powerful gaming machines, another solution is needed.

The following MonoBehaviour can easily be added to a project and adapts the quality of a game automatically in order to provide smooth frame rates.


Re-Using Animation Curves in Unity 3D

Animation curves in the new Unity 3 can not only be used for animation, but can be directly accessed by scripts.

By defining

AnimationCurve curve;


How to Format a Time String with C# in Unity 3D

(This is only here for personal reference, since this is rather basic programming …)


/// Formats the input string (in seconds) as a human readable /// string in the form of MM:SS. /// /// /// A of the current playing time. /// private string formatedTimeString (string input) { int seconds; int minutes;