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Coffee Break

Someone on lifehacker seems to be on a I-quit-coffee-spree, or he would not post these articles all the time.

Or maybe it is just me doing exactly the same thing and therefore noticing every new post containing the word caffeine. Either way, this is interesting:


Weekly Round-Up

Kotaku has a visualisation of video game statistics, BoingBoing shows how one can easily spend several hours to get the perfect cup of coffee (yes, I might love coffee, but there are limits), and BibliOdyssey has images from the Bellicorum Instrumentorum Liber.

Image from the Bellicorum Instrumentorum Liber

Michaël Samyn shows his own favourites from the IGF 2010 (including Doppelscope by Tobias Baumann twice, which was bachelor project from last year at ZHdK).

And then there are some neat CSS techniques – might be useful when this site actu