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Created for an interactive exhibit for the “Researcher’s Night”, the game challenges the stereotypes we have as soon as we see a person.

Review: Unity 2D Game Development by Dave Calabrese

[Disclaimer: I have been asked by Packt Publishing to review this book. I received a free e-book copy of the book as compensation.]

Unity 3D has always, despite its name, been used for 2D game development. Unity Technologies have realised that and have recently released an update to their game engine with better support for 2D game development. Obviously, it couldn’t take long until the first books on the topic were released.


ID: Me, You (and everybody else)

Aimed at teenagers and specifically designed for the use at schools, this educative Serious Game focusses on a topic that even a lot of adults struggle with: Bullying.

To be introduced in class, the game intends to raise awareness of the topic and teach empathy to the students. During gameplay, players take on different roles and are able to experiment. However, they might see themselves confronted with the consequences of their actions later on. The game exploits the strong points of video games: being possibility machines.

Too Expensive to Develop?

John Lanchester argues in this essay that the production of games has become so expensive, the democratic effect is vanishing – quite in contrast to the rest of media, where the internet made it simpler and cheaper to produce for.


Working Without Crunching

American McGee (personal hero) in a piece on Gamasutra on how his process developing games works – totally crunch-free:

You discussed the idea of small innovations. Rather than push forward with large things, it’s better to do small innovations. What taught you that lesson, or where did that come from as a philosophy?


Weekly Round-Up

Kotaku has a visualisation of video game statistics, BoingBoing shows how one can easily spend several hours to get the perfect cup of coffee (yes, I might love coffee, but there are limits), and BibliOdyssey has images from the Bellicorum Instrumentorum Liber.

Image from the Bellicorum Instrumentorum Liber

Michaël Samyn shows his own favourites from the IGF 2010 (including Doppelscope by Tobias Baumann twice, which was bachelor project from last year at ZHdK).

And then there are some neat CSS techniques – might be useful when this site actu