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The Osiris Archetype

Video games and collecting things go hand in hand, and the Isis and Osiris archetype is an archetype about collecting. In the myth, Osiris, the supreme, benevolent Egyptian god and also the king of Egypt, is murdered by his brother Set – who also just happens to the Egyptian god of supreme evil – and Set usurps the throne.



Everything we do in terms of “content” threatens the underlying core of “game” - if done correctly, everything blends seamlessly. If not, then the best art/interface/VO/story in the world cannot salvage a damaged core.

American McGee is becoming more and more my personal hero. He seems to be one of those very few game designers out there that truly believe in games as a form of art on their own.

Of course, the fact that he just recently announced a sequel to his scary, gorgeous, brilliant Alice adds to that. I think I'll have to buy a PS3 just for that alone. (Actually, I have now one. Ha!)