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Blogs for Game Design Students


And as long as we’re at the lists for game design students, this one might come in handy as well: A list of 20 game design blogs that students will love:


Quest Design in World of Warcraft


Jeffrey Kaplan about the Quest Design in World of Warcraft:

With a scant 40 minutes to address the gathered masses, former World of Warcraft director Jeffery Kaplan had a lot to cover in his “The Cruise Director of Azeroth” lecture.

The presentation saw an extremely candid Kaplan, now working on Blizzard’s next-gen MMO, recognize and address the nine major problems with World of Warcraft.

The Architecture of Evil


Jim Rossignol, who also posts for Offworld, in a guest post on BLDGBLOG about the architecture of evil in games:

Calm Scenery


Just a quick doodle.

Peaceful Scenery