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Code Drift

Neither global nor local
Today we are mobile
We are Code Drift

We remix/mutate/disseminate/jailbreak

Code Drift is the once and future
nervous system – the genetic drift
of all augmented data bodies.

We are AR

We are Data Flesh

We are Code Drift

[via ctheory]



I suffer from an odd disorder called This Could Be a Game Syndrome. Perhaps you can relate. I navigate through my daily routines - parenting, work, play, eating, sleeping - just like ‘normal’ people, but several times a day TCBAGS (pronounced ‘Tee-See-Bags’) strikes, and my consciousness is overtaken by an uncontrollable compulsion to translate whatever I’m doing into a video game.

The Brainy Gamer about a strange disorder – and yes, that happens to me too, all the time.



Everything we do in terms of “content” threatens the underlying core of “game” - if done correctly, everything blends seamlessly. If not, then the best art/interface/VO/story in the world cannot salvage a damaged core.

American McGee is becoming more and more my personal hero. He seems to be one of those very few game designers out there that truly believe in games as a form of art on their own.

Of course, the fact that he just recently announced a sequel to his scary, gorgeous, brilliant Alice adds to that. I think I'll have to buy a PS3 just for that alone. (Actually, I have now one. Ha!)