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UI Design for Medical Training Device

During my time at the Institute for Neuroinformatics, I did not just design and develop training games for the prototype of a new medical training device, I also created the UI for the accompanying steering application.


Created for an interactive exhibit for the “Researcher’s Night”, the game challenges the stereotypes we have as soon as we see a person.

How to paint a seamless texture in Photoshop

This requires Photoshop Extended, since the 3D tools are only available in the Extended Version of Photoshop. It also has (at least in my current version, CS5) some serious shortcomings, i. e. forget about layers. Kiss them goodbye. Also, performance-wise, this is not something that works without waiting between every second brush stroke.


ID: Me, You (and everybody else)

Aimed at teenagers and specifically designed for the use at schools, this educative Serious Game focusses on a topic that even a lot of adults struggle with: Bullying.

To be introduced in class, the game intends to raise awareness of the topic and teach empathy to the students. During gameplay, players take on different roles and are able to experiment. However, they might see themselves confronted with the consequences of their actions later on. The game exploits the strong points of video games: being possibility machines.


Safari [...] ignores the font’s metrics and kerns letter pairs like David Carson on a bad day.

Yeah, that's totally an insider for graphic designers.


Star Wars Titles – A New Look

Could have happened if Saul Bass had his hands in it. [found via core77]


Finding Colours

Wacky idea last evening:

A program that uses natural language colour names as an input.


Fette Linien braucht es, um sich abzugrenzen

Nun, was sagt eigentlich das Büro zur Nullnummer von punktzehah?

Scheint so, als müsste sich das neuste Fastfood-Newsmagazin auf dem Schweizer Markt vor allem mit fetten Linien von allen anderen abgrenzen. Zumindest verwenden sie die DIN, was als Schrift eine nicht allzu üble Wahl ist.

Ansonsten wird geklotzt, sei es mit Schriften oder mit grossen Bildern.

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Sunrise gibt sich ein neues Corporate Design, was ich schon mal nicht eine so schlechte Idee finde angesichts der Tatsache, dass Sunrise neben der mittelmässig-durchschnittlichen Swisscom und der unerreichbar stylischen Orange immer ein wenig negativ – weil billig – aufgefallen ist. Als neues Logo dient der Namenszug Sunrise, der neu grossgeschrieben wird. Die warmen Farben des Sonnenaufgangs -- Gelb, Orange, Rot und Purpur -- sollen positive Emotionen wecken.... Als Unternehmenschrift kommt Frutiger zum Einsatz, wodurch der Telco seine Schweizerische Verankerung unterstreichen will. Die Farben sind nicht schlecht, die Streifen so eine üble Idee ebenfalls nicht. Frutiger ist als Schriftwahl eine klassische und nicht gerade mutige Wahl, und spricht vor allem gegen die britische Agentur, die als «Schweizer Schriften» wohl nur die Frutiger und möglicherweise noch die Helvetica kennt. Doch wenn dieser quadratische Monolith effektiv das gesamte Logo darstellen soll, so bin ich etwas enttäuscht.


Shaun Inman: Com/post


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Shaun Inman: Com/post


Mark Boulton: Five Simple Steps to designing with colour part 3: Colour combinations

These are very difficult questions to answer because any designer or client will let their personal style and preference interfere with their decision-making. Colour combinations tend to evoke certain reactions either by cultural, or personal experience. Understanding these experiences will help you create colour combinations that tell a story.


Shifting Perspectives

Afterwork fun: Beautiful animations by Angdoo Lee.

Undefined blogs: For The Visual Thinkers

Wow. Beautiful visualisation comes from Songbird.


flickr: Creative Typography

Creative Typography Originally uploaded by xeophin.

I just found this in my Junk folder.


Justification, Old School

«Even with today's very sophisticated H&J [Hyphenation and Justification] algorithms -- some of which can even scale the actual dimensions of letterforms in order to improve copyfit -- the chief ingredient in good H&J controlling the number of letters per line. Contemporary newspapers do this through aggressive hyphenation; their forbears did it through colorful spelling.»