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I'm Strong, But I Can't Help Myself - Part II

I seem to lack the skills to express myself currently, it seems. Looks like I have to explain myself after my previous post on female characters.

Dragica made the point that she does not want her heroines to be gender neutral, but rather female.


In the Search for the Game Design Auteur

One of the reasons why getting into game design right now is so interesting is the fact that part of the business, of the creative process and of the production is still forming – and in a constant state of flux.

While on one hand, game production teams have grown larger in order to produce even more content (after all, many AAA titles boast to have 50+ hours playtime – which is 25 times as much as a normal action film), other people reduced their teams and are producing awesome games with teams of three or four people.


Where Is the Horror?

Keith Stuart on The Guardian misses real, scary horror in games – even though this medium should be ideally suited for it.

Horror should be a key facet in the video game armoury – the unique element of interaction is seemingly purpose-built to drag us into nightmarish experiences. But, mostly, horror games are merely blood-soaked adventures or shooters, which borrow the clothes of successful horror movies without ever occupying the body of terror within.


Takayoshi Sato on Silent Hill

This is the article that got me into wanting to play Silent Hill 2:

In the ongoing evolution of computer games towards a mature art form, we see many blips on the radar that fade away after some time. But there is one game that never goes away. Silent Hill 2. There’s something about that game that is so intensely inspiring, beautiful and moving that it continues to give hope to everyone on this path.


Real Films for Real Men

Overheard yesterday evening, while six people tried to choose a film to watch.

"What, Brokeback Mountain? Nah, I want a film that's more hetero than that." – A bit more searching follows. – "Oh, what about Interview With the Vampire? That would be so cool!"

Cue a grin from my side.


Electricity Addiction


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p>I am totally in love with indie flick Socket, a kind of body horror/scifi tale of people who get addicted to electricity and mod their bodies to suck up current better. Apparently when you get struck with lightning (at least in this movie) you are left with a hunger for more. Unfortunately, the most pure and complete feeling of voltage satisfaction comes only when you get that electricity while making a circuit with another person.


Transparent Things

The thing about 10000 BC is the fact that it's so beautifully transparent.

Your main character is called D'Leh, backwards Held (German for Hero).

His main interest is called Evolet, so we realise that she is t[h]e love.

The baddies look like very bad people.

And the really bad people come either from the stars (therefore being aliens) or from a lost continent (a.k.a.


Star Wars Titles – A New Look

Could have happened if Saul Bass had his hands in it. [found via core77]


Bad Taste


I Haven't Even Told My Mum Yet

... I just love how John Barrowman almost keels over laughing.


Déjà Vu

Screenshot from Battlestar GalacticaScreenshot from Smallville

Look at those pictures – the first from the Battlestar Galactica Mini Series, the other from the episode Lara from the current sea


More Wallpaper!

Just saw Lucky Number Slevin. And how cool can a film be – it's just one big 70s-Style-a-Palooza! (Oh, and there's quite a fair share of Josh Hartnett in there too. Hehe.)


Reality Dissolve


[Found via information aesthetics.]

More weird.




Woah. I just saw the latest episode of Smallville: Noir. I enjoyed the series for its oversaturated, light-blooming imagery before, but this episode beats it all: the creators prove that they can even fake a great "Film-Noir-Look".


Music for One Apartment

(and 6 drummers).