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On Clarity and Beauty

I noted today how much I like programming - especially when I can try out new stuff. Not necessarily thematically new stuff (it’s not like I haven’t programmed a score manager before), but when I can do it in a stylistically new way. In this case, I tried to do it using dependency injection, something I stumbled over while trying to learn Angular.js – and then subsequently on the Unity blog.

Yes, I will absolutely obsess over these things.


Never Here, Always Somewhere Else

The paradise seemed always to loom just around the corner, and whenever they came around, it was still farther away – a Fata Morgana , or rather: an illusion of Fata Morgana, as “fata” is Italian for “fairy”, which translates the Fata Morgana into Morgan the Fairy – Morgaine la Faye , cast as a Goddess of Illusion and Deceit.

...As could be expected of Michael Ende, this place can be found in one of the blank spots on the world’s maps, and it is never clear whether this place has always been there or if it was the main character’s imagination or wish to have it placed there.


Abschied von der Hierarchie?

Es ist durchaus fraglich, ob die ursprüngliche und heute immer noch frischfröhlich vertretene Ansicht, das Internet sei die Realisierung eines hierarchiefreien und rein assoziativen Wissensraumes wirklich anwendbar ist – oder ob das Web zum einen das gar nicht ist und zum anderen das auch gar nicht sein soll. Die schriftliche und erweiterte Version eines Referates, das ich an der Uni Bern zum Thema Hypertext gehalten habe.